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Make More Money Without Spending More
Attend an Upcoming “Secret Power Profit Code Revealed” Event
And Learn All of The Following and More...
Sea of Sharks
"We have more competitors popping up everywhere... they're devouring our market-share and making it hard to distinguish our business from the theirs."
Little Fish - BIG Pond
"We’re a small business with a small budget... we DON'T HAVE the budget to compete with the BIG BOYS… but we know we’re better at what we do."
Little Experience
"Never done much marketing before -- not sure it will work... but, we know we need to implement some kind of 'results oriented' strategy if we're going to survive."
Buyers Can't Distinguish
"Competitors kill us on price! Buyers trade cheap price for lower-quality, but can’t tell the difference until it’s too late. Once 'burnt' they assume we're all the same."
Big Money - NO Results
"We’ve invested TONS of money into Marketing... but, it's not producing the results we were hoping for, and we're NOT seeing any real BANG for our buck."
Business Costs Rising
"Our 'cost per lead' and 'cost per sale' continues to rise due to competition interference... none of the 'gurus' have any solid advice on how to overcome it."
After coaching 10,343 small and medium size businesses, in over 262 different industry segments throughout the United States & Canada, the #1 reason businesses lose sales opportunities to inferior competition is...
In Business... “You're Either the Steamroller or Part of The Pavement.”
Attention: Business Owners, Managers, Entrepreneurs
Are you in an industry where competition is fierce?
Are new, low price competitors springing up every day?
Do you feel like what you’re selling is becoming a commodity?
Is differentiating your business from the rest of the pack getting to be tougher and tougher?
Are you frustrated because your advertising isn’t getting the response it used to?
Are you looking for better ways to get an edge over your competition?
Are you looking for ways to sell your products or services and still keep high enough margins to make a profit?
Are you interested in finding ways to drive in business that are more cost effective?
Would you like to find a way to break down the barriers between your salespeople and your prospects, and find easier ways to get in the door?
Would you like to have prospects coming to you looking for advice and solutions?
Learn how to do all of this and more at one of the four (or all) upcoming Power Profit Training Event(s). In this unique business training, you’ll learn breakthrough strategies in marketing, advertising, and sales… and learn how systematically separate your business from the competition… and increase your sales & profits.
You could literally be a few small tweaks away from...
DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or even QUADRUPLING your revenue...
but do you know which tweaks you need to make?
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Event #1: Webinar...
Event #2: Master Mind...
Event #3: LIVE Workshop...
Event #4: Conference...
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