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DFW Business Marketing, is a marketing and advertising agency, delivering high-level Inbound and Outbound full-service marketing solutions.
Master Business Coach's
Our uniquely educated Master Business Coach's (MBC's), implement our results-based solutions; designed to increase new product sales, return on investment (ROI), customer satisfaction and retention, past client reactivation, build brand equity, customer loyalty, and overall company profitability. We provide fully‐managed 'concierge' solutions where we do everything with the client, so that they may focus on what they do best, running their day-to-day operations!
Your marketplace is a dynamic constantly evolving environment where innovations occur each day. As a marketing and advertising agency, we must intelligently evolve to meet communication demands before these innovations are delivered to the marketplace.
With so many new technologies being developed, it’s difficult to know which one(s) to choose in order to capture and maintain marketing effectiveness. It’s easy, especially for small businesses, to get confused and shift focus on to the “coolness” of the technology rather than the results the technology should deliver. All this coupled with knowing which approach or 'tactic' to choose to capture the interest of their ever evolving target audience, marketing overall has become exhausting and overwhelmingly costly for many business owners.
To better serve our clients', our philosophy or "rules we live by," is to remove any frustration or confusion you may feel concerning the fore-mentioned barriers, by first knowing, and then doing all of these things for them; then through a successful proven "solution," maintain a commitment to deliver beyond what you would usually expect for your business, and at a price‐point you couldn’t find elsewhere. Unique systematization gives us this ability.
Our History
DFW Business Marketing
1. New Beginnings
We began our career with Y2Marketing, in 2001.
“The founders were exciting people with incredible vision. They laid the path for 'DFW Business Marketing' as it is today.”
1. February 3, 2001
2. October 2002
2. Made the INC 500 List #42
Y2Marketing expand nationally training businesses and consultants. Recruited 1,250+ consultants.
3. Made INC 500 List (Again) #28
Expanded into Canada. Consultant base increase to 3,000+. Small business e-zine list increase to 1.3 million subscribers. Gained a 9,900%+ revenue increase from 2002.
3. October 2003
4. August 2004
4. Split From Y2Marketing
In early 2004, things started to change for Y2Marketing. The two founders formed split-ideologies on how they should continue to operate the company. In August, Y2Marketing's President, and our current CEO, Michael Clifton, resigned their positions.
5. Formed Test Company, 
Innovation Pros
With Kenny Smith, Miles Hagar and Jamie Setliff, Michael established, Innovation Pros. "We revamped all our materials and technology to match new concepts, then we spent the next several years testing and tweaking each one, ultimately to formulate our own proven 'solution' that we now provide to small and medium size businesses via, DFW Business Marketing.
5. May 2005
6. August 2007
6. Launched 'Code of Ethics' Model
While working with Y2Marketing, we realized emotional triggers that drove people to act were different depending on the broader industries (manufacturing, opportunity (entrepreneur), retail, service, wholesale). This forced us to take a closer look at all the industries and consider that other aspects could have close similarities too, and indeed they did. In August 2007, we launched our Code of Ethics and Competency Consumer Protection marketing model for the Service Industry. Service based companies began to see dramatic shifts in their lead-flow and drops in their cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale.
7. Launched 'Retail' Model
In March 2009, we launched our Retail Model with fifteen test companies. The retailers were high-end designer-oriented furniture showrooms. We created a strategy for their sales people to reach out and call recent customers that had already rejected buying from them. In the first three days of using this method, they closed sales with 11 out of 15 customers they approached. Those sales were worth an average of $6,342—EACH. We slightly modified the strategy for new prospective customers achieving similar results. Quickly they ran into a new problem… supply to fulfill all the order requests.
7. March 2009
8. June 2011
8. Launched 'Custom Home Builder' Model
In June 2011, we launched our ‘Custom Home Builder—Retail Model’ with twenty-four test companies. In this case the results were very surprising! Each Custom Home Builder increased their revenue by a minimum whopping sixty-eight percent. Even though the home construction market has taken some heavy hits, these twenty-four remain top contenders.
9. Launched 'Medical Professional' Model
In September 2013, we launched our ‘Medical—Professional Model’ to include a broad test-group of doctors in the fields of Chiropractic, Dental, and Nuclear Medicine and Nuclear Cardiology. After interviewing 250 doctors throughout the United States, ten in each industry segment were selected. Each case produced similar relative results (averages were similar based on available volume and demographics). Each medical practitioner increased their revenue by a minimum two-hundred and twelve percent. Once consumers could see specific differences they were sold!
9. September 2013
10. May 2015
10. Launched 'Retail Food' Model
It’s kind of difficult to find Retail Fast Food locations that do business in an interesting or unique way. In most cases, we had to plant the seed and show them that dramatic innovation was necessary. However, for the seven whose light-bulb shined the brightest, they each were validated by receiving colossal results. In May 2015, we launched our ‘Fast & Short Order Food—Hybrid Retail/Professional Model’ to include a test-group of various locations throughout California. We interviewed one-hundred and twenty-five locations, out of which seven were selected. Our test group got everything ready to go by the time we showed up for our group workshop. The only thing they were lacking was the initial SMS digital advertisement they would send out to catapult their new marketing program. That day they sent the ad out to everyone in their mobile database (average 26,100 local consumers per location). The next morning when they came in to their restaurant's, they had already taken orders worth an average of $10,022 per location, and that was before 10:00 a.m. Within a week, that one SMS blast generated an average of $90,201 for each location in sales. Here’s the best part: The product we promoted in the SMS blast had a fifty-five percent profit margin, and the restaurant's didn't have to cook or deliver it. We had it baked and delivered from a local wholesale bakery. That was a gross profit of $49,610 in a single week, per location! They were all extremely excited about the results. The bakery was excited too.
11. Launched 'Moving Company' Model
Talk about an under-served market from a marketing perspective. With five small company test clients their direct mail response doubled, their average sale went from $348 to $744. Calls from their Google Ads increased twelve times, and they received over nine-hundred calls per month. Their average business revenue increased from $10k a month to just over $118k a month within five months.
11. November 2016
12. September 2017
12. Launched 'Manufacturing' Model
According to our three test clients, our explanation of the Confidence Gap and the “Days of Simple Selling” described the manufacturing industry’s situation perfectly. It was crystal clear—they needed to shift from being sales-oriented to being marketing-driven to win back their marketshare. In most cases, their clients don’t have time to talk to them, they don’t want to see their sales people, they don’t need to be baby-sat. They just want the information and the ability to make their own decisions. After implementing our system with them, within seven short months they had to shut down the marketing program because they didn’t have the capacity to handle the business. They went from an average of about $800,000 in sales per month, to over $2.7 million in sales per month in just under eighteen months.
And We're Just Getting Started
Our Roots
DFW Business Marketing, was founded in May of 2005 by Michael Clifton, Kenny Smith, Miles Hagar and Jamie Setliff, and was known then as Innovation Pros. The company conducted seminars and consulted with small and medium sized business clients throughout the United States and Canada. The partners taught executives and business owners their unique results-oriented sales and marketing programs.
Early on, the team developed a pioneering entrepreneurial mind-set, and for the past 15+ years, Michael Clifton, Kenny Smith, Miles Hagar and Jamie Setliff have been doling out business strategies to companies of all kinds and in every industry imaginable.
Michael, Kenny, Miles and Jamie, received their start in marketing working for a company called “Y2Marketing” back in early 2001. “The founders were exciting people with incredible vision. We paid them a rather large license fee ($40,000 each) for the right to sell marketing consulting services under their corporate banner.”
After a year of fortunate success, Michael was invited to assume the position of Director of Agent Training & Support by Y2Marketing President, Edward A. Earle.
“It was a tough decision for me to leave California and uproot my family. I was 42 years old with a wife and three daughters. So, I had to consider the effects on them as well. I was making more money consulting than I did in my previous job, and I had a lot more freedom than before. But I felt the learning experience working with Edward would be tremendous, and it was.”
Michael packed up his family and they moved to Southlake, Texas. “I began working at Y2Marketing corporate offices immediately where I co-developed sales strategies for the field consulting agents, including PR/JV alliance relationships.”
The Y2Marketing Experience
We began to expand nationally by training consultants on the business building solution we developed. By October of 2002, we recruited over 1,250 consultants. We were growing so fast that we made INC Magazines, INC-500 list of fastest growing privately held companies in America, ranking in at #42. In 2003, we expanded into Canada and increased our consultant base to over 3,000; ranking in the INC-500 list at #28… with over a 9,900% increase in revenue in just one year. We also made the Dallas 'Top 10 Business List' two years in a row."
Michael orchestrated the development of agent training materials, weekly conference calls, workshops and events. Michael hired, trained, motivated and supervised a multi-regional support staff, supporting an international network of field consulting agents, including DFW Business Marketing's current VP of Marketing, Mr. Miles Hagar, VP of Master Business Coach Training, Mr. Kenny Smith, and VP of Sales, Ms. Jamie Setliff.
“I still managed to find time to provide consulting services for my existing client relationships.” It was during this time that Michael developed his passion for public speaking. He became well-known in the local business communities and was invited to speak at various mixers and functions. His charge was to speak to, and consult with, area businesses and show them how to increase their sales results with limited risk.
In early 2004, things started to change for Y2Marketing. The two founders formed split-ideologies on how they should continue to operate the company.
In August of 2004, Edward and Michael resigned their positions. After leaving Y2Marketing, Michael continued to boost his consulting practice. In 2005, he decided to take things up a notch, and together with Kenny Smith, Miles Hagar and Jamie Setliff, they established the company, Innovation Pros.
A Paradigm Shift Occurred
“In 2006, marketing techniques and strategies that had worked great for us in the early 2000’s just weren’t working as well as they once did. Communication was becoming more digital. Kenny, Miles and Jamie and I used to come in as consultants, train their marketing teams to 'write your ad like XYZ,' or 'tell sales people to say XYZ,' and sales would always go up. But then we discovered consumers were becoming more jaded as they were being inundated with marketing information at every angle. They had seen all the techniques.
“In 2006, marketing techniques and strategies that had worked great for us in the early 2000’s just weren’t working as well as they once did. Communication was becoming more digital. Jack and I used to come in as consultants train their marketing teams to 'write your ad like XYZ,' or 'tell sales people to say XYZ,' and sales would always go up. But then we discovered consumers were becoming more jaded as they were being inundated with marketing information at every angle. They had seen all the techniques. So, I took another leap of faith and instructed my development team to revamp all our materials. I wanted our new training programs and materials ready to promote the many new concepts we were developing.”
Since 2001, Michael, Kenny, Miles and Jamie have been speaking in seminars, association meetings, and in-house training workshops for businesses all over the country. “We’ve created new ideas and strategies that address today’s marketplace... which has in fact... changed! Just being aggressive doesn’t cut it anymore. Sales tricks alone aren’t enough. Our solution solves every sales and marketing obstacle that ANY small to medium size business could possibly face in today’s world.”
DFW Business Marketing Today
DFW Business Marketing
Irving, Texas Location
Often in seminars, DFW Business Marketing speakers amaze the crowd with detailed strategies for companies they have never met or heard of before. Our answer:
“We have worked with so many different companies; we have seen so many different situations; we have looked at and solved so many problems, and we have shared these experiences with our staff, and as a result there really isn’t any challenge that we haven’t, in some way, already crossed.
When we consult with a business, either in a seminar or individually, we usually come up with 2 or 3 main strategies, and maybe as many as a dozen minor strategies within the first 30 minutes of dialogue.
It blows people away! But, it’s really just a product of our collective broad experiences in this field.
I would expect that someone who has done nothing for the last 15 years, but eat, breathe, and think marketing — someone who has in one way or another, coached over 10,380 companies, they could come up with a few quick strategies.
And the new programs we have developed this year (2016), will absolutely outperform and undercut every other small business marketing product out there.”
When asked why their business strategies are so successful, Michael reply's:
“I guess there are just a lot of business owners that feel like we do about business. We don’t hate our competitors... we just don’t want to share what rightfully should be ours.”
Our Mission
DFW Business Marketing, is looking to change the way business owners perceive their marketplace. To answer the call, we pinpoint specifically how various target audiences make buying decisions. This is accomplished by understanding how the decision itself is influenced by all the six senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and of course, feeling. If we understand “how” people make buying decisions, we can determine how to best approach them for our Clients.
Today’s consumer can no longer pick through all the available information channels like; print, the Internet, social media, radio, TV, infomercials, etc. The consumer is bombarded, confused and frustrated because of the barrage of messaging they receive each day. As a result, the original credibility of the business and message is diminished.
Today’s buyer relies more on credible features that grab their attention. Once achieved, they will then delve onto the specifics or facts upon determining the worthiness of their time to do so.
DFW Business Marketing, creates powerful strategies and programs that establish credibility through the primary attention‐grabbing senses based on the product, service, industry, and communications; then it systematically communicates credibility and builds confidence through all the six‐senses so that only one thing rings paramount in the prospective customers mind, TRUTH!
Webster’s defines TRUTH as “that which is considered to be the Supreme Reality and to have the Ultimate Meaning and Value of Existence.” Therefore, TRUTH in Marketing and Advertising would be the communication of any product, service, or opportunity that proves its “Supreme Reality” by possessing “Ultimate Meaning” and “Value” above all others… then delivering it through all the credible channels of communications.
DFW Business Marketing, is determined to spread this message of TRUTH among the small and medium size business community, and empower them with the knowledge, affordable tools and skills to survive the warfare of business.
Our Top Competitors
“We do more than is required.
What is the distance between someone who achieves their goals consistently and those who spend their careers merely following?
The extra mile.”
Michael Clifton
VP Marketing
Kenny Smith
VP Business Development
Miles Hagar
VP Creative Development
Jamie Setliff
VP Sales
Caireann Walsh
Executive Assistant
David Chaz
HR Director
Frank Gains
Analytics Manager
Abrie Rathbone
Ralph Campos
Project Manager
Kylie Brown
Senior Graphic Artist | Designer
James Evans
Sales Superstar
Sam Mortoja
Sr. Web Developer
Tyler Fitzgerald
"SEO god"
Emma Washington
MBC Support
Marshall Schmitt
Client Support
Willa Marie Jackson
Mobile App Developer
Stu Goldenstein
Sales Master
Daniel Walker
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